Who We Are

We are a certified commercial roof coating company capable of satisfying your roofing needs regardless of the current condition of your roof. We are committed with our clients and the environment.

Additionally, we provide sustainable roof coating solutions for quality at long-term. Our reliable products and installation process allows us to be the industry leading service at a fraction of the price. Not all roofs are the same, therefore, we work meticulously to ensure the quality of our service on each type of roof.

What Do We Do

We provide sustainable roof coating solutions for quality at long-term and to reduce the human footprint in the planet. Our reliable products and work process allows for the best quality in the industry and you will never have to replace your roof. We create long-term sustainable solutions for you and the environment.

Benefits With Sharpline Coatings

It will improve the life of your building, and reduce maintenance cost of it.

We make your building run smarter and more efficient.

Coating will extend the life of the roof, by reducing heat transfer into the building, decreasing thermal shock (thermal expansion and contraction of the roof membrane), and helping to mitigate leaks.

Reflective coatings also can reduce heat energy costs and improve the aesthetics of the roof.

Our products won't pollute the environment.

10 -15 years guaranteed

How We Do It

With the experience of the Uniflex products, we are able to provide our clients with the best technology in the market guaranteed. These products protect you and the environment for a life time. With multiple certifications and product approved by multiple reliable companies, we are able to offer the best sustainable solutions for your building.

In addition, each process is carefully executed for each type of roof. Not all roofs are the same. Therefore, we work meticulously and assure you the process is done correctly for each type of roof.

Almost all types of roofs can be coated. Some examples include metal, spray polyurethane, single-ply, modified bitumen, Built-up roof (BUR) systems, etc. Without special treatments, ballasted and gravel surfaced membranes are not typically acceptable roof surfaces for coating membranes.





What We Do

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Service Areas

We serve from Corpus Christi to Brownsville in Texas. If your city is not within the service area, feel free to contact us at (956) 622-8094 for further assistance.